Flavor is important to any dish, but don’t underestimate the power of a good crunch. Texture adds depth and variety to your meal and keeps your mouth happy! Adding crunch is as easy as adding a handful of almond slivers to your morning oatmeal or crushed Riceworks to your salad. Let’s get crunching!

  1. Crunch your salad!
    From croutons to nuts to raw carrot chips, adding crunch to your salad is so easy! Fresh veggies and Riceworks Salsa Fresca come together in this recipe to give your salad some zip and crunch. Get the recipe here.
  2. No breadcrumbs? No problem!
    Get out your food processor, or simply add your favorite Riceworks crisps to a Ziploc bag and roll away with a rolling pin. Crush up your Riceworks to use as breading in your favorite recipes! Try this kid-friendly chicken recipe or these irresistible Cheddar Potato Bites with your favorite Riceworks flavors.
  3. Mama said, “Eat your Greens!”
    Kids will ask for seconds when you offer veggies baked crispy with their favorite Riceworks flavor! This versatile recipe can work with whatever vegetables you have available, so empty the produce drawer and go green.
  4. Crunch your casserole
    Top your favorite casseroles with Riceworks to add crunch and flavor. Whether it is classic tuna noodle casserole or our Turkey Tetrazzini, top it off with Sea Salt Riceworks to feed the whole family.

We love being creative in the kitchen and experimenting with all of our fun flavors. Share your ideas! How do you use Riceworks to add crunch? Let us know on Facebook, and you could see your idea featured in our next recipe!