Peanuts and pets are among the many allergens that can benefit children down the line with early exposure. Theoretically, giving your children access to them at a young age can prevent allergies later in life. According to new research, early-exposure to gluten may not have the same effect and ultimately could have adverse outcomes.

A study published in peer-reviewed journal JAMA found that “higher gluten intake during the first 5 years of life was associated with increased risk of celiac disease autoimmunity and celiac disease among genetically predisposed children,” and USA Today reports that “children who consumed higher-than-average levels of gluten were 7.2% more likely to have celiac disease and 6.1% more likely to have celiac disease autoimmunity”.

Whether this will impact dietary guidelines dictated by pediatricians remains to be seen, but the study certainly has interesting implications. For one, parents may increasingly start turning to diets heavy in fresh fruits and veggies, rather than refined carbohydrates and starches. Gluten-free snacks for kids will likely become more popular as well, offering a healthier alternative to products high in gluten.

Riceworks is proud to be not only a favorite among parents, but kids alike. With delicious flavors and healthy ingredients that are gluten-free and celiac friendly, we hope to join the movement toward more conscientious childhood dietary choices. You can find our full line-up of flavors here.

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  • Very tasty snacks, thanks, wish they were available in Canada. Where is the coupon they spoke about please?

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