Gourmet Rice Snacks

With quality ingredients and unforgettably indulgent flavors, Riceworks will transport you to a whole new level of snacking enjoyment. Each snack is made with whole grain rice, has 0 grams of trans fat per serving and is free of gluten and cholesterol. Enjoy an amazing snacking experience with these hearty and delicious Riceworks products – and keep your eye out for new flavors coming soon!

  • 5.5 oz Riceworks Salsa Fresca

    Salsa Fresca

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  • Riceworks 5.5oz Sea Salt

    Sea Salt

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  • 5.5oz Riceworks Sweet Chili

    Sweet Chili

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  • 5.5oz Wild Riceworks Black Japonica Rice

    Wild Black Japonica Rice

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  • 5.5oz Wild Riceworks Sea Salt & Black Sesame

    Wild Sea Salt & Black Sesame

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