Living gluten-free is a healthy lifestyle choice, but many don’t have accessibility to quick or affordable daily options. Having celiac disease can make certain situations in life – holiday meals, work outings and the hunt for gluten-free restaurants, to name a few – a bit more difficult. However, when you equip yourself with the right tools, you can not only live gluten-free successfully, you can thrive in any scenario! Take a look at these helpful tips to make eating gluten-free a breeze!

1. Separate toasters and cutting boards

gluten free cutting board

Even a small amount of gluten can be quite dangerous for a person with celiac disease. Those who have it need to be careful of cross contamination. Many find that designating gluten-free toasters and cutting boards in the household can be a helpful step in reducing cross-contamination, especially in families where not everyone suffers from celiac disease!

2. Research restaurants beforehand

research restaurant on smart phone

Let’s be real – finding a restaurant that serves gluten-free food can be difficult. Thankfully, in the age of apps, it doesn’t have to be! The app Find Me Gluten Free helps gluten-free diners seek out restaurants around them that are compatible with their dietary restrictions. It is vital to research a restaurant prior to saying “bon appetit!”, to make sure there are gluten-free meals available. If you need a little more help, we recommend you take a look at Healthline’s list of top gluten-free apps of 2019!

3. Let your host know

Turkey Dinner

Holiday meals and other social occasions can be a source of stress for those who live a gluten-free lifestyle. Let the host of any event you’re headed to know you have a gluten intolerance; it is important for them to make sure there won’t be any cross contamination between foods and dishes. It can also be beneficial for those with celiac disease to bring a couple dishes of their own to make sure they have something to eat, just in case!

4. School and Work comfort

comfort foods

Just like any other dietary restriction, it is important to inform and educate your place of work, coworkers, the school your children attend, classmates, etc. about celiac disease. Doing so will empower your boss to pick restaurants that have gluten-free options for work events and your child’s teacher can accommodate classroom snacks so everyone is included. Additionally, many find it beneficial to meal-prep for work lunches. This guarantees you always have a safe and healthy option to fall back on, just in case. Take a look at some of our favorite gluten-free meal prep ideas from blogger Sweet Peas and Saffron.

5. Focus on what you CAN have, not what you can’t

happy family enjoying meal

Years ago, it wasn’t so easy to thrive while living gluten-free. Thankfully, options are continuing to expand and new products/restaurants become available all the time! That’s why we think it is helpful to focus on what you are able to enjoy, rather than what you can’t. Instead of wondering whether you or your child with celiac disease will have to eat separately from the rest of the family for dinner, we encourage individuals to find gluten-free recipes that everyone can enjoy. There are hundreds of gluten-free options that will educate and bring everyone together. Delish has a HUGE list of ideas we love – check it out!

6. Always pack a little snack

Snack box with sea salt and black sesame riceworks

One thing’s for certain, we can’t always guarantee there will be healthy, gluten-free snacks available to us at all times. Our goal at Riceworks was to create the ideal on-the-go or at-home option for gluten-free snackers everywhere. Our crisps are easy to pair with just about anything and combine quality ingredients and amazing flavors for an indulgent snack that you don’t have to feel guilty about! All of our products are made without preservatives, artificial flavors or gluten and have 0 grams of trans fat. One taste and you will be hooked! Shop our snacks here.

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