Riceworks are perfect for when you’re craving a salty snack! While that MAY lead you to believe that they can only be used in savory recipes, you’re in for a super sweet treat. Riceworks are incredible as a dessert, paired with fruit, or as a crunchy balance in your favorite saccharine snack. Long story short, Riceworks are extremely versatile! Check out our favorite “savory-sweet” recipes and give them a try for yourself!

Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate Fondue and Sea Salt Riceworks

It’s a known fact that salt and chocolate go together. That’s why the savory taste of sea salt dipped in sweet melted chocolate makes for one of the best combinations. Gather your favorite fruit and grab a bag of Sea Salt Riceworks. Then melt your favorite chocolate (dark, milk or white – take your pick) and dip!

Baked Brie and Cranberry Sauce

Baked Brie and Cranberry Sauce

We can already taste how delicious this perfect party appetizer is going to be! Brie + cranberry sauce = a melt-in-your mouth sweet and savory snack that is just begging for some Riceworks! Dip into this drool-worthy recipe with Sea Salt & Black Sesame Riceworks to satisfy your tastebuds! Find the full recipe here.

Gluten-Free Candy Cane Dip

Candy Cane Dip

Candy cane dessert dip sounds absolutely delicious, does it not!? Pair with Sea Salt Riceworks for a decadent after-dinner dip that will leave your guests wanting more! Peppermint ice-cream fans won’t want to miss this – follow the recipe here!

A Twist on Cannoli Dip

Cannoli Dip and Riceworks

Let’s make like a chip and DIP– –some Sea Salt Riceworks into this cannoli dip from the heavens. If you’re crazy for cannoli, you won’t want to skip this dip! And why not make it gluten-free and pair it with Riceworks? The saltiness perfectly balances out this super-sweet treat! Find the recipe for this masterpiece here.

Guilt-free Cookie Dough Dip

Cookie Dough Dip and Riceworks

A healthy cookie dough dip, that is also gluten-free… that ALSO tastes amazing with Sea Salt Riceworks? If you’re not sprinting to the store to gather the ingredients for this recipe right now, you’re missing out! Plus, chickpeas make this dessert dip totally guilt-free!

Fresh Fruit Salsa

Fresh Fruit Salsa and Riceworks

This sweet twist on salsa will have you eating an entire bowl in one sitting. Chop up your favorite in-season fruits for a completely custom, and always sweet, delicious snack! Don’t forget your Sea Salt Riceworks to dip into this savory-sweet combo. Check out the full recipe here.

Chocolate Covered Smore Riceworks

Chocolate Covered Smore Riceworks

We took a summer snack turned into a year-round treat! Dipping Sea Salt Riceworks in melted chocolate and marshmallows might be the best thing we’ve ever done. You don’t need a campfire to make a ‘smore! Head to our Instagram for this simple yet delicious recipe.

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