We’re back with some more shelf-stable, freezer-friendly, easy to make recipes while you hunker down indoors. Whip up your favorites and call up some friends via Zoom to host the ultimate stay-at-home party with Riceworks!

Mac n Cheese Nachos

Mac n Cheese Nachos

Need a quick dinner idea that you can whip up with a few ingredients on-hand? Break into the kids’ mac n cheese stash to create these almost-gourmet nachos! We simply cooked up two microwavable bowls of easy mac, spread them on top of a large platter of Salsa Fresca Riceworks, and then added some extra canned nacho cheese, cilantro, canned jalapenos, and topped with canned diced tomatoes and green chili. We love that all these ingredients are shelf-stable and take less than 30 minutes to assemble – and so will you

Riceworks Puppy Chow

Riceworks Puppy Chow

One of our favorite treats growing up was good ol’ puppy chow! The creamy peanut butter with delicious powdered sugar… the flavors simply can’t be beat! For this decadent dessert, grab some gluten-free chex and follow our favorite gluten-free recipe for the base. Add gluten-free yogurt-covered pretzels, then open a bag or two of Wild Sea Salt & Black Sesame Riceworks and mix everything up in a big serving bowl. Salty, sweet, and a treat to eat; this dessert will have your kids asking for more!

“Gourmet” Canned Soup & Riceworks

Soup and Riceworks

Our favorite trick to transform simple canned soup into a delicious dinner for the whole family? Fresh herbs! Most grocery stores are still overflowing with at least a few kinds of herbs, whether it be thyme, rosemary, or our favorite – basil. For this dish, we cooked up some chicken and dumpling soup and once it turned piping hot, we chopped up some fragrant basil and added it to the pot. Are you ready to take dinner to the next level? Open a bag of Wild Black Japonica Riceworks and dip away. The nuttiness of the black rice tastes delicious with any stew, even if it’s not homemade!

Ice Cream Sundaes

Ice Cream Sundaes with Wild Black Japonica Riceworks

Don’t forget the most important meal of the day – dessert! We scooped up some Chocolate Chip ice-cream and utilized a big bag of frozen berries (which last longer than their fresh counterparts so stock up!) as a healthy topping. This great recipe for gluten-free hot fudge is next-level tasty, but store-bought is also fine. Drizzle to your heart’s desire, then use some fresh mint (if you have it) as a garnish. The best part of this sundae is the Wild Black Japonica Riceworks we topped it with – salty and sweet is our favorite combo! This is a recipe you’ll just have to taste to believe, and we can guarantee you’ll be craving them nightly.s.

What have you and your family cooked lately? Has the extra time indoors made you more creative in the kitchen? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget that Riceworks are available in BULK on Amazon!

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