Riceworks Omega Fruit & Grain Bars

For active on-the-go families who like healthier snacks a lot better when they taste great!

Riceworks baked multigrain Omega-3 fruit bars are amazingly delicious and refreshingly moist with real fruit filling baked inside a whole grain crust.

So Surprisingly delicious you might forget they’re Nutritious too!

Gluten Free / 17g Whole Grain per serving / 1300mg ALA Omega per serving

The Story: Years ago, a family rice grower experimented with blending whole grain rice into a crispy snack and Riceworks was born. The Taste: Turns out, this new snack tastes amazing! Now Riceworks Chips come in five bold flavors and new Omega-3 baked whole grain and fruit bars. The Texture: Our customers rave about the hearty, satisfying crunch of our gourmet rice crisps, and we know you’ll love the soft-baked goodness of our Omega-3 Bars. Get a coupon, find a store, and see for yourself!

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