Rice has a rich history as a staple food for cultures all over the world. It pairs wonderfully with so many cuisines, and is equally delicious on its own. Incredibly, there are over 40,000 varieties of rice on this Earth – one of our favorites being Black Japonica Rice. Not only is it delicious, but it also has some fantastic health benefits. Let’s take a look at what makes Black Japonica Rice so special.

Black japonica rice is truly one of a kind! It is created when short and medium grain rice are grown together in the same field. When cooked, it takes on a delicious, nutty, mushroom flavor coupled with a mild spicy undertone and juicy texture that is truly mouthwatering.

This rice variety contains tons of vitamins and nutrients that make it the perfect addition to any diet. It’s full of anthocyanin antioxidants, which can also be found in fruits like blueberries and blackberries! Black Japonica Rice is also high in fiber, while remaining low in calories, making it a great carbohydrate choice for those looking to switch to a healthier source of energy. Plus, the particular phytochemicals within the grain help maintain healthy cholesterol levels while simultaneously lowering LDL or “bad” cholesterol. If that’s not exciting, we don’t know what is.

Black Japonica Rice

Most importantly, Black Japonica Rice is 100% naturally gluten-free – which is why we love using it in our Wild Black Japonica Rice Riceworks. The result is an unmatched flavor that can be enjoyed on its own, or perfectly paired with hummus, cheese, or fruit.

You can learn more about our Wild Black Japonica Rice Riceworks flavor here.

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