Bags of Riceworks Gourmet Rice Snacks

Crunchy & Amazing!

Whole Grain Rice. Gluten Free.
Bold Flavors & Satisfying Crunch.

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“One of the tastiest snacks I keep around that satisfies the adults and the teens. Can't keep them in stock they are so popular. Extra bonus that they are gluten free.”

Diane P – Riceworks Snack Connoisseur

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The Story: Years ago, a family rice grower experimented with blending whole grain rice into a crispy snack and Riceworks was born. The Taste: Turns out, this new snack tastes amazing! Now Riceworks comes in six bold flavors that are delicious straight out of the bag or paired with your favorite dip or topping. The Texture: Our customers rave about the hearty, satisfying crunch of our gourmet rice crisps. Get a coupon, find a store, and see for yourself!

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