It’s 2019 and the future of making educated food decisions is here. Imagine our excitement when we came across the following headline: Keto, Plant-Based or Gluten-Free? Supermarket Chain Introduces Shelf Label System to Make It Easier to Shop by Dietary Restrictions. While stores like Whole Foods have taken the lead when it comes to clear shelf labeling, it’s always exciting to see smaller chains taking steps to improve the customer experience.

Nearly one in 133 people suffer from Celiac disease, and even more live with various forms of gluten intolerance. It should come as no surprise that consumers are beginning to demand greater transparency from their food labels. Raley’s, a supermarket in Northern California, is hoping to start a revolution. They’ve introduced a new system of labeling to their locations, and so far it’s been a big hit with their customers.

Twenty-three icons represent tons of different food-concerns, including keto-friendly, organic, plant-based, and of course, gluten-free. The owners hope that this consumer-centered labeling system will help their in-store locations grow, despite the surge in online shopping.

What are your thoughts about Raley’s label system? Do you hope to see it rolled out in grocery stores across the nation? Let us know below!

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