Nutritional Information

You probably already know that Riceworks crisps are made to be gluten-free and without preservatives. And you might also know that there are 0 grams of trans fats per serving. But if you’re looking for more detailed nutritional information, here’s your chance to dig and explore the nutrition inside each Riceworks bag.

Our Crisps

Product NameTotal CarbSodiumCholesterolFat CaloriesTotal FatFibersCaloriesSugarsProteins
Salsa Fresca18g220mg0mg506g1g1401g2g
Sea Salt18g105mg0mg606g1g1400g2g
Sundried Tomato Mediterranean Herbs & Cheese18g140mg0mg606g1g1401g2g
Sweet Chili19g170mg0mg506g1g1401g2g
Wild Black Japonica Rice20g90mg0mg606g1g1400g2g
Wild Sea Salt & Black Sesame19g110mg0mg606g3g1400g2g