Not One, Not Two, but Three NEW Riceworks Flavors!

Not One, Not Two, but Three NEW Riceworks Flavors!We are excited to announce our newest flavors of Riceworks crisps. At Riceworks, we work hard to give you quality, delicious products and we are excited for you to try our three new flavors. Each flavor is gluten-free, celiac friendly, cholesterol free, preservative free, and has zero grams of trans fat. What more could you want?  

And now, without further ado, we introduce to you:

  1. Olive Oil, Parmesan and Basil: Take a tour of the Mediterranean with this light blend of oil and spice. The light flavor tastes just like French bread dipped in olive oil with a touch of Parmesan. Perfect for dipping or as a snack by itself, these are sure to go quickly! 

  2. Rosemary, Garlic and Balsamic Vinegar: The distinct rosemary taste and the sweet tanginess of balsamic vinegar combine with garlic to bring you a fresh, delicious snack. These crisps pair well with light spreadable cheeses but they are just as good by themselves!

  3. Spicy Spanish Cheese Blend: Looking for a little spice in your crisp? Look no further than these cheesy, spicy Riceworks crisps made with the heat of real jalapeno peppers. You’ll start off with a cheesy blend and…BOOM! The spice sets in. You’ll understand what we mean when you try them!

It’s difficult for us to pick a favorite—which of the new flavors is your favorite? Which are you most excited to try? Sound off below and let us know!

Published: Thursday, August 13, 2015