FBJFit Talks Healthier Choices and Tasty Snacking with Riceworks!

If you’re in tune with the health and fitness world, you may have heard of Charlene Bazarian. Or, as she’s known to many of her fans, FBJFit!

Charlene has a truly remarkable weight loss story. Through a combination of what she calls “finding fitness,” healthy eating and hard work, Charlene lost nearly 100 pounds over the course of two years.

She’s now a not only a fanatic about health and fitness, she has thousands of people who have been inspired by her story. On her website and Facebook page, she loves to talk about the workouts and foods she loves.

One such food? Riceworks! We first noticed Charlene when she posted photos of herself at the beach enjoying her favorite Riceworks crisps. Since then, she’s joined us for our #riceworkschats and continues to be a big fan of our snacks.

So, we couldn’t be happier that she sent us the following video that talks all about her love of this healthier snack choice and how delicious they are, especially when paired with other healthy items.

Thank you so much to Charlene! Make sure to watch her video below, follow her on Facebook and stock up on your favorite Riceworks crisps for your next girls night!

Published: Monday, April 3, 2017