5 Ways to Get into a Back to School Routine

5 Ways to Get into a Back to School RoutineWhew! The kids are finally back in school! After filling out all the forms, signing up for all the sports/clubs/activities and helping with the math homework, it can be difficult to find your groove and get back into a routine. The kids are on different schedules and you’re juggling work, football practice and family time. Here are five ways to get your household into a routine for the school year.  

  1. Keep a family calendar: Color code it with each family member’s name so you know who needs to be where and when. Definitely get the kids involved with this one: let them pick their designated color and if they’re old enough, let them add to their own calendar.

  2. Make time for homework: Set aside time every night for schoolwork. You may need to adjust it for your freshman in AP classes or your second grader getting ready to take her standardized tests, but making sure the homework is done every night should be a priority over sports practices or chorus rehearsals. It’s up to you to set this rule and adhere to it to ensure your children’s success.

  3. Plan your meals ahead of time: Seriously, who has time to make dinner every night? Plan small, healthy meals that the kids can throw together themselves after school and make sure to have plenty of snacks available for them before dinner.

  4. Set firm bedtimes: Sometimes kids’ bedtimes are more for your sanity than for theirs. Restrict screen time for the whole family one hour before bedtime so that everyone can wind down at night. Set a bedtime and stick to it, but also be sure to factor in story time and teeth-brushing time, and of course cuddles and kisses too!

  5. Plan lazy weekends: You don’t have to fill up every weekend with activities. With work and school craziness going on during the week, be sure that everyone gets individual attention and that everyone has a little weekend time to unwind.

At the end of the day, routines don’t work unless you stick to them. So make sure the whole family pitches in and gets involved with scheduling and planning your back to school routine. But be sure to leave some room for adjustments for special occasions or canceled practices. By following these 5 steps, you’ll have an organized, successful school year right from the start! 

Published: Thursday, August 13, 2015