5 Traveling Tips for Your Summer Vacation

Traveling Tips for Your Summer VacationIt’s that time of the year again! Whether you’re taking your annual family vacation to the beach or preparing for a long flight out of the country, we’ve put together our best traveling tips to make your vacation just a little bit easier and less stressful.

1. Pack for success
You don’t want to waste time on vacation trying to sort through your luggage looking for that one pair of shorts or that certain T-shirt. Plan ahead, and pack by day to save some time and hassle for you and your children. Use some oversized freezer bags and sort out whole outfits to match into each bag. Going to the beach on Day 3? Pack that swimsuit and other beachwear in a separate bag and label it “Beach Day.” The more thinking and planning you do before you leave, the more time you’ll have to relax when it matters!

2. Take a break
Make the travel part of the vacation. That means relax and enjoy it! It’s tempting to try to race from Point A to Point B, but who wants that stress? Schedule a more leisurely pace so you can enjoy some breaks on the road and see some sights. You’ll thank yourself later if you’re not stressing all the way to your destination.

3. Snacks
Part of keeping the travel party happy is keeping them fed and hydrated. Stock up on some small snacks before you go to distribute in the car as needed. A travel cooler that sits easily between two seats is good for juice boxes and water bottles. It’s easy to think before you go that you’ll just pick up whatever you need on the way, but that takes time and money – and you never know what the selection will be. Pack a few of your favorites before you go (Sea Salt Riceworks are perfect for road trips!).

4. Travel games
You might actually be looking forward to a little “boredom” during the long hours in the car or on the plane. That can be a nice break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But if the kids get bored, you’re in trouble. Pack some games to play in the car, or do some old-fashioned travel pastimes like counting water towers or license-plate Scrabble. Car games can be a blast, and it gets your kids off their devices for a little while.

5. Watch the weather
You’re headed to the beach, so it’s going to be beautiful, right? Be careful. It rains in paradise, too, so you better be prepared. Clothes are the first thing to worry about. Going somewhere warm? It might still be cool in the evenings, so pack a jacket just in case. What about rain? Throw in a poncho. Being prepared means you won’t waste valuable vacation time scrambling to adjust. If you have outdoor plans that could be in danger of getting washed out, have a backup plan in mind long before you embark. Don’t let the unexpected become a vacation killer!

Published: Thursday, May 26, 2016