5 Holiday Party Ideas

5 Holiday Party IdeasIf you are tasked with hosting a holiday party this year, planning and executing can be tough – especially when it feels like every good party theme has been done a hundred times before.

In this blog post, we’re offering 5 inspired party ideas that are sure to offer some unexpected fun this holiday season:

Retro Ugly Sweater Party 

Turn back the clock on the ugly sweater party with some fun throwback foods and decorations. Set the table with an old-fashioned table cloth, retro place-settings and a classic menu (complete with home-style mac and cheese) to really play up the history of the ugly sweater.

Holidays around the World

There’s no better way to celebrate the diverse nations of the world than with an international-themed holiday party. Decorate your party with celebratory ornaments from around the world and spend the evening learning about each of your guest’s unique holiday traditions.

Re-Gift Gift Exchange

If re-gifting is wrong, we don’t want to be right! Have your friends bring one of last year’s most ridiculous gifts to this year’s party for an unexpected twist on the classic gift exchange. The upside? If you get a gift that’s truly terrible, you can re-gift it again next year!

Present Wrapping Party

Gift wrapping might be the single most painstaking activity of the season. You work tirelessly to wrap each gift, then watch the recipient eagerly tear it apart. To help relieve this gift wrapping stress, try throwing a party where you and your guests each bring some basic supplies and wrap your gifts together.

Cookie Swap Contest

Take your cookie swap to the next level by requiring your guests to incorporate an unexpected ingredient (we suggest Riceworks) into their classic cookie recipes. Make it a contest, and pick a winning cookie based on the most delicious and creative recipe.

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Published: Monday, December 1, 2014