4 Ways to Celebrate a Festive St. Patrick’s Day

Celebrate St. PatricksThe nice thing about St. Patrick’s Day is that everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day! Get the green food coloring ready and start practicing those Irish accents — we've got a few ideas on how to make your St. Patrick’s Day a little more fun and festive.
Whether you’re celebrating at home or at the office, or waiting until the weekend, here are 4 ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year. Sláinte!
  1. Luck o’ the Office: Each person in the office is responsible for bringing in something green to share—it could be shamrock cookie cutouts, kale chips, or spinach or guacamole dip—be sure to have plenty of Riceworks handy for everyone in the office!

  2. Dress the Part: Be sure to pull out your green sweaters, “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” buttons or whatever other St. Paddy’s accoutrements you can find. Or if you really want to get into it, you can hold a “Most Outrageous St. Patrick’s Day Costume Contest” at work for a prize.

  3. History Lessons: All holidays with historical aspects are great teaching moments for kids or even for you. Did you know that St. Patrick’s Day has been recognized as a religious festival in Ireland for more than a thousand years? Or that there’s a difference between a shamrock and a four-leaf-clover? Take the time to learn the history, find Ireland on a map or perhaps learn a few phrases in Irish Gaelic.

  4. Eat, Drink and Be Merry: St. Patrick’s Day isn't just for partying or green beer. You can have fun getting into the spirit by having a get together with your friends or with the neighborhood kids. If you really want to get festive, you can make corned beef and cabbage or add a few drops of green food coloring to water, milk or clear beverages. Some bigger cities have festivals you can go to and parades you can watch and some places, like Chicago’s famous green river, have their own traditions
Whatever you decide to do on St. Patrick’s Day, be sure to stay safe and have fun!

Published: Tuesday, March 3, 2015